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About Wanzalla

Calm, cool and collected, Sebastian Wanzalla is a photographer who describes himself as a flexible and passionate creative who is not afraid of going against the grain. From an advertising background, Wanzalla, as he is commonly known, is both easy-going and deeply profound. Unafraid to try new things, Sebastian dived into photography almost by mistake and, as a result, discovered an inborn talent. Self- taught, he never stops learning and spends hours studying and practicing new techniques in an ever-changing world full of new technology and waves.

He was first chosen to participate in the Capture Kenya 2014 Challenge going to Western Kenya on assignment to capture unseen Kenya and ‘share the magic’ with the rest of the world. The Capture Kenya platform showcased Kenya’s beauty, culture, and landscapes. His images caused a stir around the world and, as a result, contributed to a part of his success. This created a new love and addiction for documentary photography. He is now a renowned commercial and documentary photographer based in Nairobi - Kenya and has had the opportunity to deliver incredible work for major brands across Africa like Shell, DStv, Total, BAT Kenya, Bank of Africa - Kenya, Equity Bank, Telkom Kenya, Kenya’s leading telecommunications company Safaricom, amongst others. An award-winning photographer, he has tirelessly worked on capturing the character of people and places molded by his provoking use of light and composition.

He sees the world as a huge canvas, and light to be the most perfect brush. The combo is his current life through a lens.

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Nairobi, Kenya